JOWAR ROTTI DRY - ಜೋಳದ ರೊಟಟಿ 10 Pieces

JOWAR ROTTI (DRY) - ಜೋಳದ ರೊಟ್ಟಿ 10 Pieces

₹ 80.00

Made for Family Members JOWAR ROTTI is an Healthy Flatbread, an unleavened Indian bread made out of Jowar. It is coarser than a roti. These are made from Fine Quality Jowar. This "Ready To Eat" Roti is Dry and Crispy in texture, compared to a khakhra with respect to hardness. Less in Calories & Benefits like to reduce Weight & Diabetics. GLUTEN FREE Ingredient: 100% Bijapur Jowar Fresh Flour Natural Sea Salt & Purified Water TRY THIS For MORE Crispy: Fry these Rotti on direct flame few seconds on both sides, let it cool. Then eat Very Crispy

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