LITTLE Millet (Organic and Unpolished) - 1 Kg - PREMIUM QUALITY

₹ 122.00

2 Kg: Rs. 242/- (was 256/-) 5 Kg: Rs. 600/- (was 639/-) UNPOLISHED, UNADULTERATED, ORGANICALLY GROWN, PRESERVATIVE FREE. Little Millet Rice can be used to prepare everything that one makes with paddy rice – all the biryanis, pulavs, mixed rices, etc. Millet Rice is obtained by milling the millet seed to remove the husk (its also called Hulled Millet). During this process, we take care that the bran is not removed so we get unpolished, whole grain Rice KANNADA: ಸಾಮೆ ಅಕ್ಕಿ . TAMIL: சாமை அரிசி . HINDI: कुटकि का चावल . TELUGU: సామ బియ్యం

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