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Organic Toor Dal Unpolished (เฒคเณŠเฒ—เฒฐเฒฟ เฒฌเณ‡เฒณเณ† เฒธเฒพเฒตเฒฏเฒต) - 500 Gms

โ‚น 105.00

1 Kg: Rs. 208/- 2 Kg: Rs. 414/- 5 Kg: Rs. 1025/- Directly Sourced from FARMER (Who respects his Mother Land and Passionate to provide Organic Produces to Consumers) This Farmer always spells out as below: Visha Mukta Mannu (Chemical or Poison-free SOIL) Visha Mukta Aahar (Poison-free FOOD) Visha Mukta Jagattu (Poison-free WORLD)

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